Other Equipment
Other Equipment
Global Positioning System (GPS)
This is one of the most valuable tools for hunting at night. Not only for finding direction but as an
aid to calling. It shows the distance between stands, which is very important. You do not want to
move more than 2,3 km from the previous stand. It gives a bearing on the direction jackals have
responded vocally, or the direction of a den when you have heard pups which will then enable you
to move to their location, or close to that location. (The closer you are to a jackal the better your
chances of calling it in). The bearing line and distance indicator can also be used when searching
for a jackal that has been shot.
Garmin GPS on the left and the
Leica Rangefinder on the right
Range Finders
Hunting at night with a light makes it very difficult to judge distances accurately. Therefore
a range finder will make life so much easier. The problem is that very few rang finders live
up to expectation. One that I have used extensively for the last 4 years, and will not
disappoint, is the Leica 800. The new Swarofski rangefinder is also excellent.
There is no time to range while an animals is coming in, therefore the best way to go would
be to select certain objects and range them before you start calling. This way you’ll know
when an incoming animal is within shooting range, once they pass the ranged object.