Lights and Dimmers (rheostat)
Although the jackal and caracal are nocturnal animals, they are also active during the early mornings
or late afternoons. Both predators are light shy and to overcome this problem I use a spotlight with a
rheostat or dimmer. It is still legal to hunt caracal and black backed jackal at night with the aid of a
spotlight, in South Africa but permits are needed in certain provinces.
The best available light to use is the Light Force RMSM 170 (mounted on the scope). It is 500 000-
candle power and very durable. Using this equipment, there is no need for another person to
accompany me. People generally believe that predators can't see the red light, but I have had some
wary jackal coming to a call but running off when the red light shines on them. The dimmer gives you
the advantage to dim the light to such a degree that the animal does not know that a light is actually
shining on it.
The Lightforce 140 and 170 RMSM (scopemount) lights
Dimmer or Rheostat:
The rheostat is used in the place of a red lens. With the dimmer you are able to dim the light to such a
degree that it is impossible for the jackal to detect any light. The advantage is that you have a full
bright light at your disposal with the turn of a knob but are able to bring the jackal closer with a very
dimmed light.
A Rheostat or Dimmer
Search for incoming eyes on full brightness, look passed the
scope or rifle. Once the eyes are picked up, dim the light
completely, look through the scope and turn the light up slowly
till only the eyes are visible. Turn up the light only when the
animal is moving, or else it might turn and flee. After
identifying the animal, turn the light back down and let it come
closer, keeping track of the animal in the scope.
When the animal is within shooting distance, turn the light to
bright slowly, and then shoot the animal when it stops or bark
for it to stop.