Welcome to Jaracal Animal Damage Control:
If you are interested in animal damage control or predator calling this site is for you. It
contains information on the calling of jackal and caracal which can also be applied to other
predators such as coyotes, dingo's, foxes, bobcats, etc.
I started my own ADC company in 1995 and it was my main source of income for more than
14 years. Today the problem is much worse with
South Africa farmers loosing more than 1.1
Billion Rand to predation according to research
that was done by Van Niekerk, Taljaard, Grove
and De Waal (2008)
I have also trained more than 3000 ranchers and
hunters on the aspects of calling and animal
damage control.
I trust you will find the information to your
benefit and make your calling a more enjoyable